Gas Treatment

From single vessels to complete separation trains, KANFA delivers systems tailored to meet the specific project requirements.


  • Scrubbers
  • Demisting
  • Filters

Our scrubbers are located on the following locations:


  • FPSO Piranema
  • FPSO Yuum K’ak’naab


  • Alvheim
  • Stratfjord C
  • Balder
  • Snorre A

Typical Example

KANFA AS has delivered two Injection Compressor Suction Scrubbers to the Snorre A Platform in the North Sea. The scrubbers treat gas from the Vigdis satellites. Snorre has been producing oil and gas since 1992 and is currently operated by Statoil.


Kanfa Group designs and constructs glycol gas dehydration systems including gas/glycol contactors (normally triethylene glycol – TEG) and glycol regeneration units. The TEG dehydration unit basic function is to remove water from natural gas streams to fulfil pipeline specifications for water dew point or from CO2 before injection. The traditional absorption system consists of an absorber (contactor) and a regenerator (regeneration package). KANFA offers cost effective glycol gas dehydration systems with smart reliable solutions to prevent common operational problems often associated with TEG units.

In addition to TEG, KANFA also offers Molecular Sieve and MEG regeneration systems for flowline hydrate inhibition.


  • Triethlyene Glocol (TEG)
  • Molecular Sieve
  • Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)

Our TEG/MEG Packages are located on the following installations:


  • FPSO Piranema
  • FPSO Knock Allan
  • FPSO Voyageur
  • FPSO Catcher


  • Siri Tie-in
  • Forties Alpha
  • Forties Charlie
  • Forties Delta
  • Forties Alpha Satellite
  • Aasta Hansteen
  • Edvard Grieg (MEG injection)


  • Uthmaniyah (CO2 capture)


KANFA has significant experience in modularised and packaged compressor solutions for offshore applications for a variety of duties – export, reinjection, gas lift, low-pressure separator gas recovery (boosting), VRU, fuel gas compression, etc.


  • FPSO Voyageur Spirit
  • FPSO Hummingbird Spirit
  • FPSO Knock Allan
  • FPSO Piranema Spirit
  • FPSO Yùum K’aa’k Náab

Fuel Gas Treatment

The KANFA Group has delivered various Fuel Gas Treatment systems over the years. They are for example located on the following installations:


  • FPSO Greater Plutonio
  • FPSO Hummingbird
  • FPSO Voyageur
  • FPSO Guara


  • Troll B


  • Nyhamna / Ormen Lange

Typical Example

KANFA AS has delivered a fuel gas system as part of the FPSO Voyageur topside project in 2007.

Gas is entering at the lower part of the vertical vessel. Bulk liquids (estimated minimum 90%) is separated out in lower part of vessel enhanced by demister pad installed. The demister is serviced via an 18” sized vessel wall manway.

The gas stream is the directed through 6 off standpipes on a filter plate dividing the vessel in an upper part. Coalescer cartridges placed on top of stand pipes are rated to remove all particulate and all liquids left in the gas stream. Liquid from this separation will be levelled on the filer plate giving an upper part vessel drain point The 6 off coalescer cartridges are serviced via the top closure.

Regeneration & Reclamation of CO2 and H2S absorption solvents

KANFA Group can design and deliver reclamation and regeneration systems for solvents for removal of CO2 and H2S.

Common for solvents used for gas sweetening or CO2 recovery from flue gas (Carbon Capture and Storage / CCS) is that they will degrade over time. The degradation rate and products will depend on type of power plant, type of solvent, conditions and other mechanisms. The multitude of degradation products will accumulate in the solvent and may create problems such as reduced absorption, excessive foaming, corrosion and capacity reduction for the closed circuit process. Due to the cost of solvents it is desirable to reclaim the degraded solvent instead of replacing it.

KANFA Group has valuable experience with development, design and delivery of slip stream reclamation systems for conversion of the degradation products back to valuable solvent and concentration of the remains for disposal. KANFA Group can offer troubleshooting and debottlenecking of existing solvent reclaimers, conceptual studies and detailed engineering of new plants and design and delivery of reclaimer packages/modules.

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