Engineering & Studies

The KANFA Group of Companies undertakes engineering services, project support services and specialist services that provide Best Available Technologies to meet the specific requirements of the project or operations department.

  • FEED and conceptual studies
  • System design, cost estimation, review and optimisation
  • CFD calculations (FLUENT)
  • HYSYS simulations
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Hook-up support
  • Project management and other technical support
  • Third party HAZOP management

KANFA Group holds unique knowledge based on a combination of theoretical and practical experience within primary separation and further treatment of gas, oil, water and solids as well as process performance optimisation for the Oil and Gas Industry.

KANFA Group combines comprehensive process knowledge and operational experience with expertise in state-of-the-art technologies.

For operations:

  • Process optimisation
  • Performance verification
  • Chemicals testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process courses

For projects:

(both new fields applications, modification, debottlenecking and capacity upgrading and tie-in projects)

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept screening studies
  • Technology solutions and assessments
  • Independent design verifications
  • Process simulations

Concept & FEED Studies

KANFA provides monetary and comprehensive study execution.

Based on extensive process and mechanical knowledge from years of experience in design, manufacturing, installation and start-up in the offshore world, KANFA can offer a wide range in disciplines and know-how.

For offshore project developments KANFA can undertake conceptual to FEED studies to analyse the various technical options, identify main process requirements based on clients requirements resulting in a high level interpretation of the required capital expenditures (CAPEX) as well as weight and footprint requirements.

KANFA also contributes with consultancy work, varying from initial field studies to offshore troubleshooting of process equipment.

As an independent company virtually uncommitted to technology, KANFA can participate in quotation work for both oil companies and contractors without any conflict of interest. We can perform 3rd party verification of technical solutions, specific equipment or design philosophies.

Studies - References

HAZOP Management

KANFA offers 3rd party Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies for Process Safety and Risk Management. Within KANFA’s organisation you will find experienced process engineers educated and trained for HAZOP management.

HAZOPs are performed for most clients active in the Norwegian marketplace, as well as international clients.

KANFA can provide full HAZOP teams with leader and scribe.

Heavy Oil Expertise

Through the years KANFA has picked up extensive experience with heavy oil. Below are some of the fields we have worked on:

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