About KANFA Group

The KANFA Group is an ISO 9001 certified, FPAL Achilles registered, independent process design and engineering group that delivers overall process solutions and services to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. KANFA’s main focus is delivering tailored solutions to the worldwide Floater & FPSO market – from arctic to tropical climates, from benign to harsh environments.

The KANFA Group is a fully owned subsidiary of TechnipFMC.

«The KANFA way» combines extensive market knowledge with multi-discipline experience to provide superior process designs and technical solutions to our clients’ best advantage – what we call monetary engineering. We focus on cost, project execution, performance and quality.

Through the years KANFA has seen that operators, contractors and vendors all have different perceptions and expectations. Unfavourable choices and lack of decisions are very costly, especially when operational consequences are taken into account. «The KANFA way » focuses on overall project success, obtained through common project goals, cultural understanding and most importantly clear communication. KANFA is a highly flexible company that easily adapts to the needs of the specific client, resulting in high quality and cost-efficient solutions.

Group Structure


KANFA AS was founded in 2000 and is a process design and engineering company offering services to the offshore industry. KANFA’s employees have a long record of accomplishments and have been involved in most of the Norwegian field developments as well as several international projects over the past decades. KANFA AS is located in Lysaker – Oslo, Norway. This location is serving as the HQ for the KANFA group.

KANFA Ingenium Process AS

Established in 2008, KANFA Ingenium Process became the provider of topside process skids & packages within the KANFA group. The product range includes state-of-the-art solutions, tailor made to client specifications. KANFA Ingenium Process track record proves a wide range of packages to various clients in the (offshore) oil & gas industry. The company’s primary goal and pride is to execute projects that meet all the customer requirements and are delivered on time. KANFA Ingenium Process is located in Lysaker Norway.


Originally founded as in 1990, Mator became a part of KANFA Group in 2008. KANFA Mator has developed a unique knowledge based on a combination of theoretical and practical experience within process performance optimisation. KANFA Mator provides services for the Oil & Gas Industry within primary separation, gas handling and water treatment for increased production efficiency and improved equipment regularity. These solutions lead to increased production and reduced emissions, providing reduced operating costs. Today, all activities are lead by the team in Lysaker, Norway.

What we do

KANFA delivers overall process solutions and services to the Offshore and Oil & Gas Industry with main focus on the worldwide FPSO market. KANFA can take part in the project from field discovery through fluid characterisation, undergo conceptual and FEED studies and take responsibility for engineering, purchase and construction of modules to complete topsides all the way to commissioning. KANFA can also take part in the operation of the field through operator training and through extensive knowledge in field optimisation and troubleshooting.

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Hummingbird: 56.848972, 0.527344
Yuum K\'ak\'Naab: 22.836946, -98.217773
CoroCoro: 12.640338, -66.621094
Piranema: -11.092166, -36.342773
KnockTaggart: 3.579213, 8.217773
Voyageur: 57.562995, 2.021484
KnockAllan: -1.944207, 8.173828
Borgen: 4.335456, 8.377075
John Agyekum Kufor FPSO: 4.346440, -2.442992

Global Presence

KANFA Group has delivered the highest number of FPSO topsides out of Norway in the past 10 years. Click the markers for details.



  • Diversity – A multicultural organisation working multisite with multinational operations.
  • Accountability – Meeting the current and future expectations of our customers, owners and employees.
  • Adaptability – An adaptable organisation and technology suitable for all environments.
  • Efficiency – Delivering cost effective and safe solutions, creating value for our clients and shareholders.


  • Utilise our competitive advantages within design, engineering and project execution to offer cost-effective and innovative products and solutions to our customers, based on the KANFA methology.
  • Achieve local presence in international markets.
  • Growth shall be achieved both domestically and internationally through organic growth and aquisitions, mainly within our existing areas of expertise – with a possibility of expanding into associated segments.
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